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Friday, November 24, 2006

5:30AM - hmmmpppfff

Things just don't make sense anymore... 'Nuff said.

Friday, October 15, 2004

9:36AM - Autumn Leaves

I just thought of something... When One moves to a small town, One might expect to have serenity and be sure that nothing "BIG" would happen. Once again life proved itself as unpredictable. The sitting US President (yes DUBYA) visited this small town not a few weeks ago, before that was The First Lady and even before that Kerry and Edwards too... I mean, okay WI is one of the swing state and all, but c'mon... this is causing commotion here... I couldn't even go downtown that day because traffic literally stopped and the Secret Service was crawling everywhere... Whew, I got tired just writing about it.

Anyway last night Hulk Hogan and his daughter came and visit to promote her album.... I mean, Hogan were like my chilhood hero! I used to watch him and his cartoons religiously, and to see the guy, WOW he is HUGE! COOL!

Plus it's Autumn, I love Fall... it's so PRETTY... I undertand now why ppl name their daughters Autumn... just georgeous!!! Leaves are everywhere and the trees seems like they're on fire... just breathtaking... I was out walking the other day and just start taking pictures... loving it!

Oh yeah, my mood is A LOT BETTER NOW... I'm on a sugar high, thx to Wendy for getting me a frozen mochachino this morning.... hmmm yummm... plus a donut.... I know, I know, not supposed to have those thingies in the morning, but I just can't help myself. Afterall it is Payday Friday... so yeah my mood is A LOT better.

Gotta call Hubby and wake him up in a few minutes... somebody gotta go to work. I'm at work already and can't wait to get home... so many things to be done, count all the clouds in the sky.... ooops no, that's Pooh's Corner's Lyric! I AM on a sugar high! Geeez! no wonder I'm so perky!!!

What am I gonna do this weekend? hmmmm my schedule is still open... unlike last week, can't even find time to breath running from one social gathering to another. It is FUN to be like that, but puhleeeaazzee!!! I need time to recouperate too!

So yeah... Gonna mend my flu... sleep all weekend long and get overdosed on chicken noodle soup and nyquill... so see ya later... I'm about to fall asleep on my feet, but at the same time still feeling perky from the sugar high... WHATEVER! Have a great weekend guys!

Current mood: crazy

5:51AM - Yucky Flu!

Can't understand WHY I got the flu again when i just recovered from it not 2 months ago. ANNOYING!!!! TGIF though.... so I can sleep my weekend away. Yesterday something happened that really pissed me off... Had I not held myself back and bit my tounge, and checked myself, I would probably be out of job right now. Can't understand why people can be so RACIST and HATEFUL. Don't even feel like elaborating that story here and now 'coz it still pisses me off! Dunno, just don't wanna get violent is all.

Ya know what? I don't feel like writing at all this morning, maybe I'll write more when I'm home and finally CALMED DOWN! aight, catch you on the flip side!